Turnkey solution


This service is for you if:


  • You want to make more sales
  • You are willing to test new ways of doing things
  • You want to work with an agency on a long term basis
  • You want results, but you do not have the time to manage your advertising campaigns
  • You are willing to invest at least $ 1,500 per month in marketing


It is not for you if:


  • You want results next week. True success in business takes time!

Step 1 : The meeting


We hold a free, no-obligation preliminary meeting to better understand your needs and goals.

Step 2 : The analysis and the implementation of the plan


We carry out a study on your company, industry and business environment to then put in place a solid marketing plan specific to you. Once the plan is approved, we put it in place.

Step 3 : Content creation


We do more than just one conventional advertisement. We will produce any content necessary for the success of your plan, whether it is photos, videos or texts.

Step 4 : Continuous management


We will ensure the management of your content, your social media pages, your web reputation as well as your entire marketing plan.